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New Hand Dyed Clothing

Some New Creations:


Athena Hand Dyed Slip Top Camisole

Another new creation in my Joesphines' Closet line- I love the design of the top!

I hand dyed this with blue berry violet and teal dyes and it came out beautifully. The design cut enhances the shape of your body!

Reminds me of the Goddess Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. She was the favorite child of Zeus. She had sprung fully grown out of her father's head. Her mother was Metis, goddess of wisdom and Zeus' first wife.

FIts 34" to 36" - B cup on up


Dress Slip Hand Dyed Plasma Green

My newest creation from Josephine's Closet. A long dress slip dyed in layers of pinks, greens and blues. This is one of a kind that turned out much more beautiful that I expected - nice comforting colors!

I used an old technique to make the designs - I think tie dye is too simple - looks like plasma to me!



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